Small Groups  at BCBC (Adult Bible Fellowship)

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) Groups
Our ABF Groups, or small groups, meet at 11:00 am in the gym following the morning worship gathering (9:30 am) to discuss the passage that was just preached. The leadership at BCBC wants to create community or fellowship around one passage of scripture every week. The hope is that in every church gathering, small group time, or discipleship opportunity that this one passage will mold hearts more into the image of Christ. When you come out of the auditorium you can go to our Welcome Center in the lobby to be directed to a small group. When you come down the stairs into our gym you will find several tables set up for small groups. Feel free to choose any small group you would like. Because of Titus 2 and because the church is a body of all ages we do not have any specific age-graded classes. Our goal when you sit down at a small-group table is that you will feel welcomed, exhorted, and encouraged. The leader guides the group in an applicational group discussion from the current passage that we have studied that week. The small group format allows for times of prayer, testimonies, caring, planning, and life-on-life discipleship as well as the opportunity to build friendships with others outside of your small-group time.


*There is one group specifically for ladies (for any ladies who desire this arrangement).  All other groups are open to both men and women.