Monday’s Musings

Wow!  Saturday and Sunday were days of seeing the many grace blessings of God!  Here are some of them as I think back over the weekend of ministry at BCBC and say, “How great is our God!”


  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast.  Some of the highlights were the men discussing Philippians 4:6-9; men bringing their sons to prayer breakfast; watching a father teach his sons to pray; seeing a young boy brought to prayer breakfast who has a “no-show” father; and hearing the burdens brought to the Lord in prayer.  (Btw, the food was excellent, too!)
  • Hiking to Margarette Falls, Greene County, TN.  Oh, the awesome handiwork of our God!!
  • 14 showing up to play basketball in our gym and begin The Exchange four week Bible study!
  • The BCBC family showing their support for the future Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Scott.


  • Men’s Prayer Meeting at 8:15 a.m.
  • Good discussion around the table as we completed the study of Daniel in our adult SS classes.
  • Seeing Alex Perry walk into SS and church today knowing how God spared his life over a week ago.
  • The music today at BCBC:  Congregational singing; the choir singing “Bow the Knee”; the offertories today of “How Great Is Our God” and “Fairest Lord Jesus” and the men’s choir singing “Faithful Men”!!!
  • Watching God work through His people to accomplish His will!!
  • Folks being excited about the upcoming Israel trip in 2015.
  • Hearing folks all over the building pray for lost souls at the close of the PM Service.
  • The great fellowship and fun for the teens and 20’s SS classes as they participated in “Break-In.”
  • Just being with God’s people!!