Powerful Communication in Marriage: Serving One Another – Part 2

Alright men, it’s our turn.  What are some ways we can communicate our love to our wife by serving her?

1.            Be her spiritual leader. 

a)            Point her to Christ in a loving, compassionate, not condescending way.  When she is carrying a burden, you take her by the hands, face each other and pray or have her sit in a chair, you kneel and take her by the hands and pray with her.  The best thing you can do for your wife is take her to the Throne of Grace with you in prayer.

b)            Make sure she has time in the Word each day.  If need be, you watch the kids for 30 minutes so she can have some uninterrupted time with her Lord.

c)            Make sure that the local church is a chief priority in your relationship.  There she is able to fellowship with other women, be encouraged in the Word, and serve your Lord together as you march toward the Bema.

d)            Let her get away to a ladies retreat at least once-a-year to be refreshed in all areas.

e)            Share with her what God is teaching you from His Word.


2.            Be her security.

a)            Talk to her about anything and everything.  When you let her into your world, that lets her know she’s important to you, that you are thinking of her, and that she’s the completer God made her to be.  She fines security in that.

b)            Touch her often.  Hold hands, give her a long kiss (not a peck on the cheek or in the air), hold her in a long embrace, put your arm around her, and let her know you are there.  Walk up behind her when she’s in the kitchen and whisper in her ear what she means to you.


3.            Treat her like a lady.

a)            Open the car door for her; seat her at the table; hold her hand when she steps down from the curb, etc.  Chivalry is not dead!!

b)            Buy her some flowers and surprise her.

c)            Take her out to a nice, romantic dinner with candlelight.  Spend the time talking about your love relationship and what it means to you.  Act like there’s no one else in the world around you.  Even kindly ask the waiter to make few visits to your table. J

d)            Tell her how beautiful she is to you!

e)            Gently rub the back of her neck or shoulders when seated next to her.

f)             Help her with her coat getting it on or taking it off.


4.            Be a helper at home.

a)            Wash dishes; empty the dishwasher; vacuum; fix that leaky faucet; do a load of laundry.

b)            If you have children, give her a break from a 3 year old conversation; you take care of the kids for awhile.

c)            Pick up after yourself.


5.            Don’t be a fuddy, dud / kill-joy / stick-in-the-mud!

a)            Have fun!

b)            Have regular dates, hopefully once-a-week.  You set it up and take care getting a baby sitter if necessary.

c)            Try a new adventure together and you take care of all the details.

d)            Make even a trip to the grocery store an event for lovers!


6.            Be romantic!

a)            Send her a text message during the day.  Here some examples:

    • Just thinking about U.
    • Can’t wait 2 C U tonight.
    • Just daydreaming about U.
    • Thinking about UR lovely face & U made me
    • Looking forward to another one of your amazing dinners!
    • Thinking about you… totally distracting me.
    • Miss you.  Like right now.
    • I was remembering how we went (somewhere together that she enjoyed).  That still makes me :)!
    • Can’t wait to give you a big kiss when I get home.
    • XOXO !!
    • Doing okay?

b)            Go for walk on a moonlit night and make sure you aren’t in a hurry.

c)            Write a love letter to her and leave it in her car, at her dresser or by the coffee maker.

d)            Make chocolate chip cookies together.

e)            Serve her breakfast in bed on her birthday and Valentine’s Day.

f)             Take a ride to a secluded place by the lake or park, play your music, and park!

g)            Go back to the place where you had your first date.


Alright, guys, have at it!!!!