Pioneer Clubs® is designed to teach kids to follow Christ in every aspect of life.
This is BCBC’s Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry.
Based on this core value, here are some of the key distinctives:
• Christ-centered and Bible-based
• Relationship-oriented
• Meaningful Bible exploration every week
• Participative learning
• Application-focused Scripture memory
• Age-appropriate curriculum
• Easy-to-use, flexible leader’s resources
• Excellent for outreach
• Wide variety of games and activities
• Purposeful skill-building activities
At Pioneer Clubs®, kids learn that whether they are building a birdhouse, baking cookies or studying the Bible, God cares about everything they do. Teaching Christ in every aspect of life is our goal. Pioneer Clubs® wants to help focus young minds on what’s really important: a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ.
Five age groups:
Skippers (Age 2-3)
Scooters (Age 4- Kindergarten)
Voyagers (1st-2nd Grade)
Pathfinders (3rd-4th Grade)
Trailblazers (5th-6th Grade)
Register your kids below or contact the church office at 423.477.3011 for more information!

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Please read the paragraph below and be ready to sign a paper copy when you bring your child for Pioneer Clubs.

I give my permission to the staff of Boones Creek Bible Church to seek medical attention for my child if necessary while participating in Pioneer Club Functions. I understand that all necessary precautions will be taken for my child's safety. I will not hold the church, its staff, or those supervising liable.

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