August-November 2021 Sunday Morning Electives

August 1 – November 28 ~ 9 am – 10 am

Please register ASAP for one of the electives below by clicking on the title image. Early registrations allow us to prepare materials for the beginning of the class. 

Taking the Scenic Route in Marriage

Led by: Pastor & Denise Cunningham

Travel can really be an illustration of how we approach every day of our married lives! Sadly, too many marriages are daily on the Interstate. Both the husband and wife are each in their own “cars,” driving over the speed limit, hurrying to the next thing on their agenda. Occasionally they may pass their spouse and give a thumbs up as they keep traveling independently on their journey. Every now and then their lives may merge onto the same road, but not long after, a construction zone interrupts their unity and it’s back to stop-and-go once again. This is not a fun way to travel, and it’s an even worse way to live out married life!  So, join us as we slow down, study the Word and learn some practical ways to see your marriage become the scenic route.



Led by: Pastor Andrew Isbell

If you have been a Christian for any length of time you have probably heard words like “disciple” and “discipling” used in a number of different contexts. This class will pursue an understanding of the definition of and the reason for discipling as well as overcoming barriers and excuses to discipling, the importance of holiness, encouraging Bible study and prayer, hazards and joys of discipling, using Christian books in discipling, encouraging a passion for evangelism, discipling people who are hurting, etc. 

How to Grow

Led by: Hunter Addison

We will be looking at the practice of a number of personal spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines include things like Bible intake, prayer, confession of sin, fasting, evangelism, serving, and stewardship. We will also think about how we can cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in our lives as Christ lives His life out of us.