September/October 2020 Sunday Morning Electives

Sept. 6 – Oct. 25 ~ 9 am – 10 am

Please register by September 6 for one of the electives below by clicking on the title image. 

Apologetics Elective

Book: Mere Christianity
Teacher: Clayton Van Huss

The focus on the class will indeed be Voddie Baucham’s 3-point view on apologetics.  

1-Know what you believe.

2-Know why you believe it.

3-Be able to articulate your beliefs.

Many Christians believe that apologetics are for hyper-intellectuals, people “in the ministry”, or those who love a good argument.  In fact, most Christians are nervous to discuss their faith because they’re afraid they might run into an argument for which they have no answer.  You don’t have to know everything about Islam or post-modern thought to have a reason for the hope that is within you.  When you have a solid foundation on the very basic ideas of what you believe and why you believe it, the discussion becomes quite simple.  Add a few conversational techniques and you have nothing to fear.

Week one will be a basic introduction to apologetics. 
Weeks two and three will be an in-depth look at what we claim to believe and from where those claims are derived. 

In weeks four and five we will study why we believe them (the reliability of scripture, the evidence in science, philosophy, etc.). 

Weeks six and seven will cover how to articulate your argument and what to avoid to cut right to the heart of the matter. 

Week eight will be a wrap up with the opportunity to express your individual argument.

Parenting Elective – Part 1
Book: Parenting by Paul Tripp
Teacher: Pastor C

This class has 13 lessons but will be broken into two 8-week sections. Along with the lessons, there will be a book that you can read along with called Parenting by Paul Tripp. The cost of the book is $5.

Week 1 – God’s Purpose for the Family
Week 2 – The Ministry of the Family
Week 3 – Family Worship
Week 4 – Getting to the Heart of Behavior
Week 5 – Formative Discipline: Our Words to Their Hearts
Week 6 – What to Do When You Can’t Reach the Heart
Week 7 – Corrective Discipline: The Rod of Correction
Week 8 – Boys & Fatherhood
Week 9 – Girls & Motherhood
Week 10 – Panel Discussion
Week 11 – Technology, the Internet, and Social Media
Week 12 – Zealous Spiritual Parenting
Week 13 – Lessons Kids Need to Learn: Proverbs

Neighboring Elective
Book: The Hospitality Commands: Building, Loving Christian Community; Building Bridges to Friends & Neighbors
Teacher: Paul Suarez

Over the next 8 weeks, Paul Suarez will give you a vision for what it looks like for a Christian to take advantage of opportunities to love your neighbors better. We’ll briefly cover some of the basic obligations of being a faithful neighbor, but we’re mainly going to talk about opportunities and suggestions for better neighboring that each of us will likely apply in different ways. It is important for all of us to have a Biblical vision for neighboring, even though in our individual Christian discipleship some of us may end up majoring in this area and some less so. 

Upcoming Electives:

  • November/December
      • Parenthood – Part 2 (Pastor C)
      • Stewardship – Part 1 (Greg Beam)
      • Church Ecclesiology (Pastor Andrew)
  • January/February
      • Stewardship – Part 2 (Greg Beam)
      • OT Overview – Part 1 (Pastor Andrew)
      • Church History – Part 1 (Clayton Van Huss)
      • Church Membership / Baptism (Pastor C)
  • March/April
      • OT Overview – Part 2 (Pastor Andrew)
      • Church History – Part 2 (Clayton Van Huss)
      • Evangelistic Tools (Will Vinson)