Summer Sunday Morning Electives

9 am – 10 am ~ Locations to be announced

Please register ASAP for one of the electives below by clicking on the title image. Early registrations allow us to prepare materials for the beginning of the class. 


Pastor Cunningham

Biblical Counseling: How to Help Each Other Change
Being a part of the Body of Christ, the Church, is a calling that shapes our entire life. God’s plan is that through the faithful ministry of every part, the whole body will grow to maturity in Christ. This an “all of my people, all of the time” model. If you followed the Lord for a thousand years, you would still need the ministry of the body of Christ as much as you did the day you first believed. This need will remain until our sanctification is complete in Glory. This elective is a comprehensive treatment of how God uses people as tools of change in the lives of others, people who themselves are in need of change.

Lee Browning
(& Pastor Andrew)

Global Christian History
This class highlights 7 areas of the world.  The class will inform you about how Christianity entered, continued to impact, and how Christianity is currently in that area. This helps us see how God has sovereignly worked all over the world. It also shows how he continues to work all over the world. When we see this history it helps us to learn from it and it helps us to have a greater burden to reach the whole world with the Gospel.